Saturday, May 2, 2009

WOD 020509

Three rounds for time of:
300 Rope Skips
45 Push Ups
30 Pull Ups
15 Knees to Elbows


Tag Team Version
Partner A does 300 rope skips while Partner B does as many rounds as possible of : 15 Push Ups, 10 Pull Ups and 5 Knees to Elbows. When Partner A completes rope skips, switch stations with Partner B. Repeat for three rounds.

Record total time and rounds completed by each partner.

200 Day Burpee Challenge: Do 183 Burpees
100 Day Pull Up Challenge: Do 32 Pull Ups

Happy Birthday Hans!

To our PushMore rep in Kota Kinabalu, keep up the strong work man! We're missing you back here. Here's to another year of you  getting fitter, faster and stronger!


Being the fat kid of the family, he had to battle scrutiny and insults to overcome that stereotype(ask me for pictures if you wanna see). Eventhough overshadowed by his more handsome and atheletic brothers (2nd one in partcular) he endured and developed an iron will. There he learnt his strengths and put the famous words of Jesus to practice : The wise man built his house upon the rock, by forging his ginormous thunder thighs which earned him the nick name mountain goat obviously for his ability to lift proposterous amounts of weights and scale the mountain range like one. I swear even though he looked heavy, he nimbly and effortlessly scales hill slopes and rocks with his legs. 

Whatever the challenge may be, Hans is a determine and dedicated individual. Systematically he breaks them down with much discipline. He is not only smart but also works hard. Some things his 2nd brother, me can learn from. His constant innovativeness and iniatiative to bring the crossfit experience to another level is also admirable because if not for him we wouldn't have the sledgehammer to pound away our stress. 

personally I am glad that my baby brother has grown up and does not fight for space on the bed and run to mom everytime unfortunate circumstances (me bullying him) befalls him. I look forward to seeing you trying to outdo me in WODs even though that will be quite unlikely but seeing you try is good enough =) 

Well it would be safe to say that all of us thanks you for adding so much spice and life to the gym especially the wacky and witty posts that u put up on the blog. Keep up the good work and Pushmore. Happy Birthday Bro.


John-Son and everyone else

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suraj said...


in many stories from olden times, itz the youngest sibling who comes to grips with the monster; passing thru the gauntlet of suffering where others before him failed..

u wield the gift of strength w/poise & humility ;D

im glad 2 call u friend - happy b'day man