Friday, May 29, 2009

WOD 052809

Five rounds for time of:
10 Pull Ups
10 Goblet Squats @ 32kg
10 Box Jumps @ 24"

100 Day Pull Up Challenge: Do 59 Pull Ups


Wassup peeps !! It is an awesome sight to see so many new faces around this gym recently. Moreover you guys are enthusiastic as ever and complain little. Enthusiasm is a great thing and the drive and attitude to pummle each WOD given to the ground is admirable. However when this is done at the expense of good form then you should STOP right there and re-think things. The time component does add a certain competitive factor in out daily WOD and that is one aspect about crossfit that is both fun and motivating. After all so goes the famous quote that "men will die for points", I am sure most of us can agree with that. 

Anyways, while watching you guys perform the KB snatches I realised that alot of you new and even older members were not prioritising good form. I don't blame you newer guys, but it is definitely unacceptable for you guys who has been here for at least 6 months or so. Some of you started the wod off well but as the workout stretched on, you started to neglect form. 

As fast as we want to go, we have to ensure that each movement is done as precisely as possible throughout the WOD, otherwise we only compromise on our own safety and steal from ourselves the full benefits of a totally good workout. In crossfit we learn to be honest with ourselves because in the end the speed of our progression are totally up to us and there is no two ways about that. 

So the next time we are on our fifth round of a five round WOD, ask yourself if your form is similar to those of your first round. If not, why not break up your exercise into smaller repetitions or take a little break. Yes, time will definitely be affected but at least you will gain every benefit as designed from the work out. Afterall, isn't it all about the processes in finishing the race than then position you come in ? Realise that and you will find yourself achieving your personal fitness goals faster then expected. 


Well tell that part of your brain or for some your typical "win it all" mother to shut up! ...politely of course

Anyways, here is a free article from the crossfit journals. titled Consistency before Intensity you can probably make up what this is about. it is a PDF file so make sure you have the necessary programs to read it. Enjoy, have a great day ! CLICK HERE 

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