Wednesday, May 27, 2009

WOD 052709 - "Karen"


150 Wall Balls for time.

*Compare to 102908.

100 Day Pull Up Challenge: Do 57 Pull ups


Alright, It seems this blog has relatively few write ups about the technical stuff of crossfit. Well that is probably because with the amount of information on the WORLD WIDE WEB it is expected to some degree for you to go check it out. Of course the most convenient place would be subscribing to the crossfit journals. Well yeah I get it, why pay 25 USD for a year's amount of priceless information that inevitably will help you improve your knowledge, understanding and form and subsequently your overall performance and probably even your life when everything on the internet is free?  that's acceptable to, but the price you would have to pay is having to search around crossfit blogs on your own time. 

PMlazymemberanonymous: "AIYOR BUT TO DO ThAT so mafan, takes so much time, I think working out everyday is more than enough lar, If anything I don't know I ask the trainers only"

Thats awesome too, we will always be available to answer any questions you have. But I have to admit that the  information on some blogs and journals are much more REFINED as those are written by crossfit veterans. These articles already have answers for question that even you have yet to ask. Anyways I hope you guys get into the habit of doing a little research for yourself because it will definitely boost your road to get fitter, faster and stronger. 

Till then here is a lil breast milk for you lil babies =)  Here is todays article on scaling up written by Adrian Bozman from Crossfit San Francisco. CLICK HERE 

Do check out their articles, I found it really really useful.


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