Monday, May 25, 2009

WOD 052409

In 12 minutes, do as many rounds as possible of:
5 KB Overhead Squat @ 24kg L/R
10 Ring Dips

100 Day Pull Up Challenge: Do 55 Pull Ups



Yes, His name is not SAM LEE, it is LEE KESSAM in case you guys don't know. (I will give you 10 secs to admire that pic)


Ok about ...Sam, despite having the natural talent to look good wet, he is actually a gifted athelete. Besides running full marathons and eating 10kms for breakfast he plays soccer and most recently crossfits like a true firebreather (even though the questionable picture hints otherwise). He joined pushmore in September 08 rather enthusiasticaly if I recall correctly even though he had no experience in such exercises. 

His cardio prowessness  was definitely obvious but he was lacking in explosiveness and strength. Like the true sportsman that he is, he patiently took the neccessary steps and measures to overcome his weaknesses. Personally I think, he took the shortest time span to learn the muscle up. The times when he used to struggle with the 16kgs also seems long ago as he presses 24kgs effortlessly. 

Here is an acknowledgment to one of Pushmore's most hardworking and consistent warrior(sometimes maybe a little too hardworking). We are glad to have you amongst us as you are a great role model and *cough* "model" to have. During last year's perhentian challenge the girls couldnt stop staring at Sam, they even bestowed upon him a humble name, "BADAN PERKASA". To sum it all up Sam epitomises the ancient malay proverb, "LIL, LIL BECOMES A HILL" or "sikit, sikit menjadi bukit". Once again we at Pushmore salute you ! Happy birthday bro. 

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