Thursday, April 2, 2009

WOD 040209

For time:
10 Double Kettlebell Push Press @ 24kg
100 Squats
8 Double Kettlebell Push Press @ 24kg
75 Squats
6 Double Kettlebell Push Press @ 24kg
50 Squats
4 Double Kettlebell Push Press @ 24kg
25 Squats
2 Double Kettlebell Push Press @ 24kg


300 Day Burpee Challenge: Do 153 Burpees

100 Day Pull Up Challenge: Do 2 Pull Ups


Happy Birthday Anna!

Many well wishes to our resident photographer and all round muscle woman, Anna! What would PushMore be without her constant swearing and fun energy? Never a shy one, Anna puts most(read: all) guys to shame with her biceps. Thanks for being a part of PushMore, you rock!

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