Friday, March 20, 2009

WOD 032009

For time:
150 Kettlebell Snatches @ 24kg

*Reps can be split any way between both arms.


I like to tell this to everyone. If the conversation is somehow lingering around goals and consistency, I would almost 100% talk about this member. Just the other day, Johnson and myself were observing him and the improvements that he has made. I would like to talk about him. Johnson and myself are extremely proud of him.

He is a determined person. He sets goals for himself and goes all out to achieve them. For a while, he was struggling with ring dips. See, this man lacked a bit of strength in certain areas. However whatever he lacked, he made up for it in terms of heart. He saw his weakness and decided to work on it. If you notice, every day after finishing the WOD, he would go on to the rings and pump out another 50 more dips with the blue band before calling it a day.

The blue band was then. Now he is successfully doing it without any assistance. His hard work and discipline paid off. In the long run because he was doing so many dips, his chest developed. Now, he has put on a fair share of muscle and is looking ripped. He recently managed to start doing Handstand Push ups. If I must say, that's a huge leap from doing Push Ups on his knees, way back then. Johnson and myself are very proud of him.This is what we call achieving you goals and this attitude is most welcome at Pushmore.

So the next time you happen to see him in the gym, it would not hurt to stop and say "Keep it up, Well done Kenny!"

Kenny: WOOOO, Check me out!

Consistency is the key. Be encouraged!
Kenny, PushMore athlete since October 2008.

300 Burpee Challenge: Do 140 Burpees.

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