Tuesday, March 10, 2009

WOD 031109

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
KB Swings @ 24kg
Ring Dips

Hans showing us his skills..

300 Day Burpee Challenge: Do 131 Burpees



That's right after gathering each of our favorite phrases and a tedious, mind boggling process, the judges have decided on the top 10. Now its up to you to decide. How do you do it ? Well the rules are simple, each phrase will be numbered(1.2.3..etc), so just write the number belonging to the phrase of your choice, identify yourself and put it in the voting box in Pushmore. Reminder, this competition is exclusively for Pushmore members ( as long as you have signed up for any package since we opened). Remember your vote will be forfeited if you do not write your name.

Ah ! What about if you can't come to the gym ? For those who really can't make it write down your vote in comments of this post next to your name. Same rules apply. We would really like to keep the results as HUSH HUSH as possible if not the whole mood will be ruined so only use this method if you are sick, or away. If not,  get your rear end here and VOTE !

you will be wearing the T-shirt. So vote WISELY.

Closing date will be Tuesday 17/3/09 at 12pm
(one week from now).

Without further ado, here are The TOP 10;

1. "Pain is temporary but DNF is FOREVER!" – Sam

2. "Time!!!" – Jules

3. “I couldn't fight the 10,000 elephants charging at me, because I did a WOD earlier'”– Soon Wei

4. "We don't sell supplements. We give you strength" – Soon Wei

5. “We strip to get ripped!” – Soon Wei

6. “Those who lived by the sword, will perish by the sword, those who pushmore…just wouldn't” – King

7. (front of shirt) Don't just stand there and admire these muscles (back of shirt) Get your own at (Pushmore logo) – Anna

8. (front of shirt) You think your workout is tough? (back of shirt) Wait till you try my workout (Pushmore logo below)- Anna

9. "Pushmore (logo), it's not just a gym." – Ben Tay

(big pushmore logo)
And I'm proud of it" -- Lee Chin


Ethan said...

I vote for 8. With a sprained ankle. Hahah.

Joe said...

i vote for number 6!!and i want one shirt too! so save one for me kay (:

Rikhal Shah said...

vote for no. 8!

kacangbendy said...

vote for no.9 - ben tay

-ben yue

Johnhans said...

How come you guys all dont read the post properly? Only vote here if u are away overseas or cant make it to the gym because of some sickness or injury ? Read the post! Come on guys.

Rikhal Shah said...

HAHA i didn't actually read it but i am away! :) lol probably will be back middle this year.. till then crossfit in Fitness First is just plain depressing! :(

Faizal said...

yooo my split decision goes for number 3.

Matthew Chang said...

#7 by Anna. And I vote that there be a sleveless ladies tee for all the pushmore-ettes, because that would just be hot.

-Matt Chang

Ben Tay said...

So, can i vote my own? haha

I prefer simplicity

suraj said...

holy sh#te, Hans...

JOhn-Son said...

Ben tay ,,, so is that a vote my man ? You are entitled a vote for anything.

Ben Tay said...

Yes, it is. Number 9.

John-Son said...

half self conceited guy.... number 9 it is =)

Justin said...

I vote for number 1 ! =)

Justin said...

Save a shirt for me pleaseee..

Size S =)

Justin said...

Save a shirt for me pleaseee..

Size S =)

Justin said...

Save a shirt for me pleaseee..

Size S =)

Justin said...


When i come back i might be an M..


We'll see.