Monday, June 1, 2009

WOD 060109 - "Barbara"


Five rounds for time of:
20 Pull Ups
30 Push Ups
40 Sit Ups
50 Squats

*Take note that this is a long work out so the last starting time for this WOD would be 9.00pm and the cut off time would be 9.55pm. You can still come late if you think you are a monster !!! ROAR!!

100 Day Pull Up Challenge: Do 62 Pull Ups

Johnson working hard while Jules is "working-it".


                             HAPPY BIRTHDAY JINN "50 CENT" HEAH 

Sorry for the use of the small picture, makes his face almost unrecognisable. Oh, wait a minute ! Thats ok. It's Jinn. he is well known for his well rounded chest and tendencies to Bicep curl in secret. One attribute that stands out the most and gives him his most coveted name "50 Cent". No, its not because of his extraordinary gangster rap skills... 

... but because of his overpowering and dominating nipple size which probably in some twisted way boosts his pressing power and ability to crush J.T more than once a month. 

it is this apparatus where Jinn's  unique nick derive from, the malaysian 50 Cent. 

Jinn is an opportunist, never missing out on any chance or opportunity give to him. Jinn is a model pushmore member as he really utilises every facility this gym has to offer, he even manage to get a little extra out of it. Yes, he got a girlfriend. Not just a girlfriend but one who enjoys his passion and is a constant encouragement in his fitness and health journey. They even managed to successfully quit smoking for a month. yes Ye Kar is Jinn's awesome crossfit girlfriend, where do you find one like that... ONLY AT PUSHMORE. FITTER,FASTER AND STRONGER girlfriends for all! ahaha IF you look really well..... Anyways ... hope you had a great one Jinn ! HOPE WE CAN TOTALLY PURGE THE MUSCLE HEAD IN YOU THIS YEAR ! perhaps more KB swings =) Hope you get in shape for Bali !  HAPPY BIRTHDAY once again from all of us at PUSHMORE. 


There is an alternative workout for all you animals out there. It is posted on the white board with as much detail as possible to guide you. Introducing the Kong (crawl). 
check out this site *CLICK * for better guidance on proper form. 
This might look incredibly stupid, but for those who leaves their ego at the door, this is the shiznit yo. 


One day Gorrilla, John-Son

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