Monday, May 10, 2010

WOD 051010

30 Muscle Ups for time.

*Substitutes for 1 Muscle Up: 2 Jumping Muscle Ups, or
                                              3 Pull Ups + 3 Ring Dips


PushMore Games 2010 Results!

One word  : FUN!!!

The energy, excitement and monstrosity emerged from the participants and ravaged through the morning. All heats were literally 'burning' HOT until some of us almost lost our voices by just cheering! All events were carried out smoothly and in time for lunch! Needless to say, when feeding a bunch of monsters, a huge area is required to allow "moving space" and strength control (the guys were too strong for their fingers that they almost disfunctionalized the drink dispenser tab!).

To all participants, a big congratulations and thank you for competing and being such great athletes! You get tomorrow off! See you on Tuesday! Anyone who comes in for a workout today will have to complete 5 Rounds of 7 Burpees and 7 Medicine Ball Cleans! So, REST!!!

To all marshals and volunteers, thank you for your time and energy today! We appreciate all your help and support today and coming in at 7am ain't a normal human feat!

Till next year, train hard, train smart folks!

The PushMore Team

Final results:

Men's Category:
1st  : Hans
2nd : Kaibin
3rd : King

Women's Category:
1st : Ping
2nd : Ye Kar
3rd : Shen-Lynn

Spirit Of The Games Award: Tony Ng
Best Attendance Over Last 3 Months (Female) : Lee Chin
Best Attendance Over Last 3 Months (Male) : Shen
Best Attendance By Couple : Ye Kar & Jinn

1st Place: Mens & Women's Category

2nd Place : Kaibin

3rd Place:King

2nd Place : Ye Kar

3rd Place: Shen-Lynn

One big happy family! YEAH!

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