Saturday, March 27, 2010

PushMore's Open Day!

A big welcome to all visitors to our Box! Do have a great experience today and feel free to ask as many questions as possible to our Team.

If you have booked your spot, do come in 15mins earlier to settle in and chill out with our friendly trainers and members. (We may look intimidating from our photos, but in reality we're just friendly monsters people). Otherwise, just pop-by and say hi! Whilst at our Box, remember to check out our promotions specially for TODAY.

1)Do bring a face towel to wipe off your sweat.
2) Wear SHOES to protect your feet.
3) BE EARLY!!!

WOD 032710

In 12 minutes and in a Team of 2, do as many rounds as possible of:
Partner A: 10 KB Swings
Partner B: AMRAP Skips

Partner A must complete 10 KB Swings, whilst Partner B Skips (till Partner A finishes the 10 KB Swings).
*Advanced option: Substitute Skips with Double Unders.

P3085547 (69K)
Juan swinging a 32kg KB.

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