Saturday, June 12, 2010

WOD 061210

In 12 minutes do As Many Rounds As Possible of:
3 Deadlift @ 1.5BW,
6 Shuttle Runs(10m),
9 Burpees.

Beginner: Deadlift @ BW
Advanved: Weighted 10kg Vest

Grain fed beef vs. Grass fed beef.

Post your thoughts to comments.

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mattychang said...

Lynn, my long lost lynn...

Let me weigh in on this... do Malaysians buy local meat or imported meat?

The grass-fed vs grain fed is a big issue here in the USA. Most of our cows eat grain (corn). Cows are natural grass eaters. The grain gives the cows many problems, such as causing them to be high in antibiotics (to fight e-coli) and higher in fat. The USDA, who grades the meat considers marbelization a positive thing, but that means more fat in the meat.

A return to grass-fed beef is a growing movement in the USA, but still very small. We use corn because it fattens the cow faster and is cheaper than grass, but the USA is the world's leading corn producer.

As I recall, most Malaysian beef is grass fed. Does Malaysia have grain fed beef? What about Australia (where a lot of the high end beef comes from)?

In the end - go grass fed whenever it's an option... unless you just want the biggest juiciest fillet mignon possible after a hard push-more workout.