Thursday, June 10, 2010

WOD 061010

Kettlebell Press 5-5-5
*Heaviest KB you can press for 5 reps


100 Back Squats @ 75% Bodyweight
Penalty upon re-racking bar = 5 Push Ups. Total the number of push ups and complete them after the workout.

*Beginner: 50 reps @ 50% BW
*Advanced: Back Squats @ BW

Tom, Dick & Harry Night Run

PushMore will be conducting the warm up for this event! Details are as follows:

Date: 13th June 2010, (Sunday)
Time: 5:45pm (Warm Up)
          6:00pm (Start Time)
Route: Start & Finish at TDH
Distance: 5km

Those who've confirmed their participation, lets meet at 5:30pm at TDH!

Please see poster here.

See you then! :)

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