Monday, February 2, 2009

WOD 022509

The biggest giant of our gym, the one that I inspire to be like ( not in height of course ) minus the nipple ring is leaving for good back to the States. Matthew Chang or Matty or Matt.C or growth and hormonal abnormality joined us back in May 2008. We were all amaze at his ability to be big and friendly from the first time he stepped foot into Pushmore. Due to the abnormal strength that he was blessed with since young from the Goddess of the Moon, our weights in the gym are insufficient to him.  The 32kg kettlebell is almost like his toothbrush that he uses at night. 

Once I was working out next to him, and I was literally at the edge of losing my mind , Matt turns to me and say "This is easy." I swear I pictured the kettlebell on Matt face's and he lying on the floor in a massive fit with tons of blood. 

Anyways for this giant who loves kettlebell Push Presses, everyone from Pushmore would definitely miss you and your presence. Thanks for showering us with your generousity and showing that your heart matches your size. We all miss you definitely and the sight of that bulky man walking through the door .... and of course who can ever forget that nasty..nasty nipple ring.

We wish you all the best in everything that you do and touch. Continue to aim for glory in everything you do and I hope that our paths would one day meet again. Till then ... 

Take the damn nipple ring out! 

John-hans !

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