Tuesday, February 24, 2009

WOD 022409

Three rounds for time:
21 KB/DB Overhead Squats @ 20kg, L
15 Pull Ups
21 KB/DB Overhead Squats @ 20kg, R
15 Pull Ups


300 Day Burpee Challenge: Do 116 Burpees


We're Back!

The CrossFit Level 1 Cert was a total blast! Two full days of learning and coaching from the best in CF. A big thanks to Coach Glassman and the trainer team from CF for passing on so much knowledge. Also a big shouout to our hosts, Steve and Mick of CFX, Sydney. Here are some pics from our trip there:-

That's a lot of people...

With Mick-CFX(left), Matt Swift-CrossFit Brisbane(center), Commando Steve-CFX(right).

PushMore contingent with Coach Glassman(center) and Nicole Caroll(2nd from right).

With the part of the trainer team, Andy(2nd from left), Pat(3rd from right) and Todd(right).

With Matt Swift-CrossFit Brisbane.

Lynn showing off girl power with super athlete Nicole.

More pictures to come in the next few days. Tune in!


Matt Swift said...

Hey my crazy friends from Malaysia. I am missing you guys already!! Keep training hard. Hopefully we will see a Cert in your area sometime soon and I can come and visit. Come hand out at CrossFit Brisbane sometime, you are always welcome! Take Care, Matt

Jonathan said...

Thanks for dropping by Matt! We're definitely gonna plan for a cert in Malaysia as soon as possible. Cheers!