Wednesday, February 11, 2009

WOD 021109 - Happy Birthday PushMore!

"PushMore 12-365"
12 rounds for time of:
3 Muscle Ups
6 KB Clean & Push Press @ 24kg (alternating)
5 Knees to Elbows


300 Day Burpee Challenge: Do 103 burpees


Happy 1st Birthday to PushMore!

That's right, it has been exactly a year since PushMore opened its doors in 2008. And what a year! To all the members, friends and family, thank you for your continuous support. PushMore thrives because of all your crazy energy and enthusiasm for CrossFit! 

We aim to to be THE facility to train at and being better at what we do each day. So, look forward to another exciting year at PushMore! 


And a special post courtesy of JohnSon in conjunction with PushMore's birthday:- 


Hard to imagine isn’t it? How young Pushmore is when time just seem to go so slowly each day as we kill ourselves to strive for better. Its crazy how the family of pushmorians or pushmormons has grown since the beginning, and grown have we. However, it is with great sadness and misery that I have to point out that we seem to lack something really vital and crucial to your growth as a CrossFitter... "Spirit"? No we have that, “Determination"? Definitely, "camaraderie"? In abundance...

It seems we have all the bare essentials to what it takes to be a successful crossfitter... So what do we lack? Honestly?

Yes, you guys have guessed it. We Lack....


That's right People ! We will be launching our own PUSHMORE T-SHIRT.

It will happen next month. Well this is really not all to it. Because Pushmore will not be complete without the orange walls, the soothing smell of rubber, EDMUND and more importantly ALL of you, we want to make this T-shirt OURS. Therefore we are letting you guys come up with the phrase that will be etched on the t-shirt; the same one all of us will be wearing.

Starting this day till the 28th of February, we will be having the Pushmore T-shirt Phrase Competition where the WINNER will get the winning T-SHIRT for FREE, and a year's supply of pride, smiles from the members (we will make sure they give one to you) and a Chuck Norris' thumbs up because one is already epic.

How to enter?

Just post up the best phrase you can conjure up and make sure to include your name next to it inCOMMENTS for TODAY'S post. The cut off date will be the end of this month, 28th February 2009.

How and who judges? 

A panel of judges will decide the top 5 and the winner will be decided ala voting style! Of course, you will have the final say!

The Rules are simple:-

1. No Profanity (Anna, this is for you=p) because we want little kids to goo goo gaa gaa over our t-shirts

2. No Lameness, just because... we want to look cool, don’t you?

3. Phrases violating rule 1 & 2 will not be entertained. Ok... just rule 1 While rule 2 will depends on how your lameness tickles the cockles of our heart.

4. Make sure your phrase is KICKASS and of Epic proportions!

So, put on your thinking caps and start cracking!


SoonKT said...

it will be interesting to view different phrases. haha this is going to be fun!
Let me get the ball rolling.

My Phrase:
"Why push less when you can PUSHMORE?"

Cris Solis Chen said...

"With us, you'll be suprise how Fit you are"

"Suffer Now, Rest Later"

"We are the MORE in your PUSH"

"Push yourself until the pain comes and then go on, until you think you cannot survive. Here the ego will let go. Here you will be purified." - Lillooet Vision Quest

I will think more and give more phases:)

SoonKT said...

I'll beat you to that!, Cris

My Phrase:
"Train Smart"

"Simple, Fun & Effective!"

"Tolak Lagi" < For Malays (haha!)

SoonKT said...

I'll beat you to that!, Cris

My Phrase:
"Train Smart"

"Simple, Fun & Effective!"

"Tolak Lagi" < For Malays (haha!)

kacangbendy said...

"Our warm up is your workout"

"We build Pushmorons here"

"Want to look like me?" - ahahaha for lameness????

update more later if I think of anymore.

Cris Solis Chen said...

"You'll never know yourself until you meet us"

"You don't know how capable you are until let us push the answer to you"

"Building your life"

"Push now for tomorrow"

"Don't let fear overcome your capabilities"

Cris Solis Chen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SoonKT said...

haha! LOL, I like BenY's "We build Pushmorons here"

How about this:
"PUSHMORE - Athletic training for everyone"

"Experience progression like never before!"

Errol said...

My bucket of sweat is your bucket of water.

Anonymous said...

My bucket of sweat is your bucket of beer .

For Anna Rina Rahim.

John-Son said...

"putting the gardeners hands to shame since 2008"

"Bringing US closer and ME further - pUShMorE"

John-Son said...


"Muscle heads beware, I PUSHMORE"

Mike Tee said...

"If you're reading this, I'm still alive!"

In a Pentium logo - "fitness inside". A bit tacky lah...

CrossFit Survivor

I won this t-shirt, and all I got was this t-shirt.

I look hotter without a shirt.

sam said...

"i've braved thru the doors of PushMore"

"Thou shall earn this T-shirt with pain&suffering"

"W-O-D are u staring at?" get it?haha

"Ive crossed the line of fitness into PushMore"

"pain is temporary but DNF is FOREVER!"

eddy said...

when the going gets tough, the tough pushmore.

eddy said...

I (heart) Mary / Cindy

Edmund Tan said...

"Ordinary people with extraordinary determination" simple one only...

"Stay fitter, get faster, be stronger." out of ideas... hehe~

"PUSHMORE is breath-taking"

Now let me go back to work... think later k?

Jules said...

"The Real Deal"

"Not for the feint hearted"

"Thissss Izzzz Spppaaarrrtttaaaa!!"

"We are not celebrities, we are not from california, and we're not first. 'Nuff said"

"house of calluss"

"If you crossfit, you can eat"

"Not for wusses"

"house of sweat"

"Dehydration is what you get"

Anna said...

Anonymous at 12:26 - Ewwwww!! Watafaaaaaakkkk?!?!!?

Ok, here are my suggestions (in no particular order)
1 - You know it's a fuckin' good workout when you start swearing like a bitch.

2 - Haircut: RM200, Facial: RM300, Massage: RM150, Body by Pushmore: Priceless (ya, ya. Not very original :p)

3 - (front of shirt) Get out of my way (back of shirt) I've got a killer workout to complete (then Pushmore logo below)

4 - (front of shirt) You think your workout is tough? (back of shirt) Wait till you try my workout (Pushmore logo below)

5 - (front of shirt) Don't just stand there and admire these muscles (back of shirt) Get your own at (Pushmore logo)

6 - No space for the weak of heart

7 - (front of shirt) No time to workout? (back of shirt) You've obviously never been to Pushmore

Had many many others but all are quite errr...18sx? Hehehehe...will korek-korek my brains again for something more 'safe' and post up more.

faizal said...

Blaze the Light and Heat of 10,000 Suns.

Jules said...


"daily grind"

"Live. Die. Ressurect"

"Pain for Pleasure"

"Edmund. Period"

"Pushmore - Malaysia Boleh"

"Pushmore - The only thing that matters"

kacangbendy said...

"Don't feel jealous, just PushMore"

"Mind over matter" - by Andrew Yap

"Time: 2:PushMore"

update later

Anonymous said...

Soon Wei~

I suggest we have a Sid's round table to throw out t-shirt phrases. it would be hillarious.


1. Step aside. Step forward - Pushmore
2. In what we lack, we build at Pushmore.
3. Try me, try harder - Pushmore
4. Start. Stop. Do it again - Pushmore
5. p.u.s.h.m.o.r.e - push until something happens, maximize on resting essentials.
6. You just gotta keep doing it.
7. Efficient. Effective - Pushmore
8. Tomorrow is a new time - Pushmore
9. Time management lessons at Pushmore. Enquire within.
10. Team work. Team building. Team Spirit - Pushmore
11. You haven't worked out till you try Pushmore

Funny/Cheesy Versions:

1. I used to be a (Gym XXX) member. I am now a different person.
2. We strip to get ripped!
3. Burpees are heaven sent. Learn it @ pushmore
4. We start standing. We finished crwaling. And that's a good day for us.
5. I need help to open my 100 plus
6. I am seeing someone new. Her name is Kettle.

suraj said...

Jules has my fave phrases.

GimmeTABATA said...

1. "I earned my muscles at PUSHMORE"

2. Front of shirt : "Like what you see?"
Back of shirt "I Pushmore"

3. Front of shirt : "I look better NAKED"
Back of shirt : "I Pushmore"

4. Front of shirt : "Don't envy my great body"
Back of shirt : "I Pushmore"

5. Front of shirt : "I have sexy muscles"
Back of shirt : "I Pushmore"

6. Front of shirt : "Wanna look good?"
Back of shirt : "Pushmore"
(This, I think, is great to wear at gym. To encourage you to do the last ten, torturous reps because you 'wanna look good', so you 'Pushmore').

zillieman said...

"Who left the kettle on?"
"Puts the laughter in masnslaughter."(haha)

wong horng yaw said...

"When Chuck Norris does a pushup, he isn’t lifting himself up, he’s pushing the Earth down but chuck norris can't finish a pushmore's WOD."

"one pushmormons = 300 spartans"

GimmeTABATA said...

Hey, I just want to modify phrase #4 on my previous posting. I think this is better la...

4. Front of shirt : "ENVY MY BODY"
Back of shirt : "I Pushmore"

Less words, more impact, yes?

secretadmirer said...

Hmm... maybe Anna should have a T-shirt for all those people who questions her biceps :

"I know I have big biceps. I'm fit. You're not."

Or, better yet,

"I know I have big biceps. I'm fit. You suck."

- Anna's admirer.

John-Son said...

Please do remember to note down your real names next to your phrases if not we wouldn't know who you really are. for those have already posted up stuff. Please identify yourselves or repost with your real names. Cheers. HAVE FUN GUYS. KEEP IT COMING !

Justin said...

"Callous is The Cure!"

Anonymous said...

Those who lived by the sword, will perish by the sword... those who pushmore... just, wouldn't.

Oei Brothers said...

WHo are you ANONYMOUS !! We LIKE YOUR LINE !! tell me who you are ... ILL GIVE U A T SHIRT !

Ben Tay said...

Haha, i like anna's phrases.

"Pushmore (logo), it's not just a gym."

Cris Solis Chen said...

Pushmore - where you can tell your gf bout how many rounds you did with other girls (Cindy, Karen,etc)

Ramana said...

Pain is weakness leaving the body. Pushmore.

Jonathan said...

Some really good lines :)

Keep the phrases coming!

GimmeTABATA said...

Here's another one :

"Fitter. Faster. PushMore."

rizumu said...


"Where pain meet its match. Pushmore"

"We learn to experience much more. Pushmore"

"Its never the same once you join Pushmore"

"We are a cult. We mean no harm, we just enjoy pain"

"It never really made any sense in the first place, but we still come back"

"There's more to life than just life. There's Pushmore!"

'We believe in conditioning for every environment'

'Conditioning is the best practice at Pushmore'

'Utterly effective. Bitterly reactive. Oh, that's my muscle responding about Pushmore. Join us?'

'I couldn't fight the 10,000 elephants charging at me, because I did a WOD earlier'

'daily - we push"

'Strive: we push ourselves daily'

Cris Solis Chen said...

pain is the sex.

Cris Solis Chen said...

sorry thats

"Pain is the new sex"

"Pushmore - where pain have a new name"

"Pain never felt so good"

"Pushmore - Where Endorphines are freee"

rizumu said...

'Life is about excellence. Pushmore helps me with that'

'Life is a measured consequence. At Pushmore, we look at just that'

Henry. g said...

Pushmore - Discover the strength you never knew you had.

Henry. g said...

pushmore - where pain is pleasure.

g said...

Leave your egos behind.

Bring your game, or go home.

Intensity. Nuff Said.

Pain is necessary.

LiCin said...

Am amazed by so many "creative" brains out there.

I think Mike's "If you're reading this, I'm still alive!" and "I look hotter without a shirt" are funny.

Think these are nice :)

Front of shirt : "ENVY MY BODY"
Back of shirt : "I Pushmore"

pushmore - where pain is pleasure.

Anonymous said...

modified these from other's cheeky tshirt phrases:

"I used to exercise, now I PUSHMORE (logo)"

"I came
I saw

front: "Actions speak louder than words"
back : "PUSHMORE(logo)"

front: "I don't suffer from insanity"
back: "PUSHMORE(logo)"

front: "we need energy"
back: "we PUSHMORE"


LiCin said...

modified these from other's cheeky tshirt phrases:

"I used to exercise, now I PUSHMORE (logo)"

"I came
I saw

front: "Actions speak louder than words"
back : "PUSHMORE(logo)"

front: "I don't suffer from insanity"
back: "PUSHMORE(logo)"

front: "we need energy"
back: "we PUSHMORE"


Jason T. said...

Read everyone's lines, some of them were really good and funny too Haha...

How about some of this:

'Graduated from Pushmore'

'Learn to live the life of a Pushmorian'

'Pushmore - the temple for my soul'

Mike Tee said...

Actually some of the taglines here are really good, but a lot of it will depend on the design and graphics to create the right context.

Here are some sites for inspiration:

Mike Tee said...

"I did Cindy, Mary, Fran & Jackie in 24:45"

Mike Tee said...

"PUSHMORE | From fat to fit"

With arrows pointing to left & right... "Ask me about my biceps"

Sorry for the multiple posts, and having an idea diarrhoea.

Anonymous said...

haha mike, nice one on the arrows!

soon wei.

Cris Solis Chen said...

"Would you like to do Cindy together with me at PushMore?"

Mandy said...

"Simply The Best. PushMore".

Wait a minute... I think this is Tina Turner's song laa... aiseyy...

Too bad "Impossible is Nothing" is a registered trademark....

Kudo said...

Hey, I have an idea. This may not necessarily be practical for mass T-shirt production, but imagine each of us having a T-shirt that says our name and then "I Pushmore". For example :

"I'm Chris. I Pushmore."
"I'm John. I Pushmore."
"I'm Lee. I Pushmore."

You get the idea. Imagine seeing this type of T-shirt while walking everywhere in KL. It gets people wondering what the heck is Pushmore. Especially since people who wear these shirts will be the type with great, buffed bodies.

What do you guys think? Like I said, maybe not practical for mass production (Or else everybody has to wear, say "I'm Chris" T shirt :p) But maybe just for fun, yes?

Jules said...

arranged in top to bottom

Class of 2009
School of Pain

John-Son said...

Guys keep the ideas flowing !! I LIKEY ! JUST REMEMBER.. we wanna make this OUR OWN.. SO we wanna keep it as original as possible. Also a reminder... remember to say who u are. Try selecting NAME/URL under CHOOSE AN IDENTITY and type your name instead of going under your google ID.... CHEERS !!

kacangbendy said...

"I am a Pushmoron, and you are a loser"

"Please check your ego at the exit"

"Pushmoron, roll out!"


Ethan said...

I like the "I came, I saw, I PUSHMORE" one. How about putting the "I came, I saw" on the front, and and the "I PUSHMORE" with the logo behind?

Cris Solis Chen said...

Tee shirt front

"I Push....... "



Cris Solis Chen said...

"I am a living evidence of PushMore!"

Cris Solis Chen said...

"I Push, therefor I'm More"

LiCin said...

Seems like everyone is really into this tshirt phrase thingi. I think all lines are great. I would have hard time choosing one if I'm the judge. :)

LiCin said...

new ideas modified from others'

"ADDICTIVE(big font)
big pushmore logo
And I'm proud of it(smaller font)"

Pushmore logo"

"I Had a Dream...
Pushmore logo
I Realised That Dream"


(exercise image/ pushmore logo)
'till your body behaves"

(exercise image/pushmore logo)
'till your booty obeys

front: "Fitness Inside"
back: PUSHMORE(logo)
not sure if someone came out with this already??

Cheng Leong said...

I want to be an Edmund!

ah ping said...

(in front)" we make friend, we sweat, we shake protein, we shape ourself, we join...
(back) pushmore logo
(sleeves) pushmore word

ah ping said...

hahaha "you love challenge? walk in to PUSHMORE and challenge the monsters of Edmund..."

chak said...

"One. More. Rep."

"Stop staring and start pushing."

"Bicep curls are for pussies"

and two more to honour Miss Mussels

"I can do double unders!"

"Hello, my name is not Anna-Rina"

soonwei said...

"No reservations"

"Barely breathing"

"Breathtaking" - quoted fr Cris.

"Models are made here"

"If you're looking for a playground, this is not it"

"Improving yourself has never been this difficult"

"You gotta give"

"We get served"

"Intensity is derived from the complexity of workouts. Try me"

"There are no bench warmers here"

"We don't sell supplements. We give you strength"

"My time is your recovery"

"All in"

"All in or nothing at all"

"We don't hold back"

"You haven't given everything till you tried Pushmore"

"Off the hook!"

"We give you an edge"

"I see blue stars" - that's my personal after a WOD.

" Pushmore = consistency x focus"

"Do this well, and the rest will follow"

"Be an example"

"We have something new everyday"

Anna said...

Bastard Chak! Once I learn how to do DUs you watch out!! :p

Jules said...

We are pushmorons you are morons

that guy said...

Im too strong

that guy said...

Im too strong

that guy said...

Im too strong

kacangbendy said...

Suggestion: why don't each T-shirt be additionally personalized with our own Identification? to make it more personalized too in a way..


kacangbendy said...

Suggestion: why don't each T-shirt be additionally personalized with our own Identification? to make it more personalized too in a way..


Cris Solis Chen said...

like that ppl know our names already ?

Matthew said...

push harder, push often, push more.

Jonson said...

1) Bigger
We are PushMoremons

2) Live More, Fight More, Push More

3)Men likes onion rings
Women liikes Diamond rings
I like Ring Dips

4)I enjoy turkish delights,
I love turkish get ups.

5) Meet Cindy, Chelsea, Nicole, Mary, Jackie, Annie, Angie, (continue the rest)... I do them all at least once a month.

6)They say: "don't work hard, work smart."

I say: "Pushmore = work hard and smart."

7)You can burp.
I can burpees.

Thats all for now i'm sure there will be more in the future

Mr.Donmichael said...

"Spartan body? heres my Pushmore body"

Eugene Fung said...

We Kick Sparta's Ass!

Cris Solis Chen said...

PushMore - Free Time Management Classes. Just ask me.

King said...


-Only at Pushmore :)
(smiley face is optional haha..)

Talk is Cheap...

"Push to the very brink of your personal limit... and then push somemore. That's when you come alive."


Alex See said...

"Superman. Just. Couldnt. Keep up with Us."

Hmm. something like that.

or maybe. change "Keep up with Us" with "PUSHMORE."

im thinkin hard here man! lol.

Jason T. said...

Pushmore - land of rising warriors!!!
Pushmore - Not a kid's playground.
Pushmore - A salutary form of addiciton.
Pushmore - Recommended by doctors.
Effective twice, daily.
(OK, once lah, no time to go to the gym twice..)

Will be back for more. :)

kacangbendy said...

Do it right, or don't do it

kacangbendy said...

Pushmore is a lonely place for those who are not fit

kacangbendy said...

PushMore - Training Resistance.

x1ang said...

pushmore- what spartans?can eat?

Jules said...

"Crossfit as an individual is insanity, Crossfit as a society is a religion"

horng yaw said...

just for anna:

(front): I PUSHMORE
I start growing BALLS

(back) : SUCK MY BALLS!!

(thats for making me buy your "stuff")

horng yaw said...

for jules:

i'm not ryan lee
i'm jules chow

kacangbendy said...

PushMore - House Of Pain

kacangbendy said...

Pushmore - True Conditioning

Mei Fern said...

On company time! :)

'Kettleball Me'/ 'Burpee Me'

'Pushmoron' / 'Pushmoreon' (if you don't want to call yourself a moron!)

'My gym/workout is better than your gym/workout'

'7:01' (or whatever time)

'What's your WOD?'

How about using stickman logos? Could be one doing pull-ups + one swinging a kettle ball = one lying on its back with stars above. At the back of the T-shirt could be 'Pushmore' or logo.

Or simply one stickman swinging a kettleball. Visual rather than words?

Those with taglines in front would have 'Pushmore' and logo at the back.

kacangbendy said...

Pain is Perception. Pushmore

Hock said...

Don't know these late entries will still be accepted but here goes.pretty serious.

1)You have energy.
Where should it be invested?
2)The only constant is change
3)Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.
4)Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.

Ability is what you're capable of doing.

Motivation determines what you do.

Attitude determines how well you do it!!!

5)Winning doesn’t always mean being first, winning means you’re doing better than you’ve done before.

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