Thursday, October 22, 2009

WOD 102209

Three rounds for time of:
15 Hang power Cleans @ 40kg/30kg
Run 400m

What's a Hang Power Clean?

The Hang Power Clean is a barbell clean with a specific set of parameters. The term "HANG" refers to starting with bar in a mid-thigh position and "POWER" refers to catching the bar in the rack position before the femur(thigh bone) breaks parallel.

The Hang Power Clean is an explosive movement that develops power, speed and coordination. It involves almost all the major muscles of the body resulting in a very potent and functional exercise.

Essentially, as Coach Mike Burgener puts it, it is a jump and a land. It trains an athlete to generate force within a short space and time. If you watch the video, the bar does not go past the knees before the athlete drives into a full hip extension, followed by a shrug of the shoulders with the elbow whipping up and under the bar quickly to a solid catch/rack position. It is important to note that the it is the hips that are initiating the drive of the bar upwards and not a pulling motion of the arms.

Done for low reps and heavy loads, it is fantastic for building explosive power and for high reps at lower loads, it can be a killer full-body conditioning workout.

As this is quite a new movement for most PushMore-ians, we will be spending time with everyone who comes in for the WOD today on how to perform this lift correctly. I promise you, you will love(hate?) the workout. See you later!


Special note from John-Son: P/S, THINK ABOUT BRUCE LEE'S ONE INCH PUNCH....... hmmm


Kirksman said...

Jon, the term jump and land, is what causes the American lifters to have such a long hang time. Might want to consider that before having all your trainees spend .5 seconds in the air during a heavy snatch.

Jonathan said...

Good point. Appreciate the feedback. I'm all for doing the lifts better and more efficiently.