Friday, September 11, 2009

WOD 091109

In 20 minutes, do as many rounds as possible of:
Run 400m
Max reps Handstand Push Ups
*Note number of Handstand Push Ups completed each round.

Overcoming anxiety in Pushmore and Life
(or for some it could mean the same thing, shame on you)

All of us have in one point or another worried about the future. We worry about whether we will have the qualities to move forward, about whether we will ever advance from the thick green band in pull-ups or be able to graduate from the baby weights. Feelings and thoughts like these are inevitable and is not necessarily a bad thing. It is after all the first step to understanding and making sense of a challenge. Miyamoto Musashi, Greatest samurai ever said you will never know heights if you haven’t tasted depth. Similarly we will never know true strength when we fail to realize our weaknesses.

I know acknowledging weaknesses can be a very humbling experience and indeed one that could potentially stop you from pursuing greater heights in fitness and life. Thing is, we have the choice to decide if we will use it to fuel our passion to push on and more or be disappointed by it. Those who are familiar with motivational lines and phrases should understand that overcoming your plateau starts with lifting heavier and bigger in your mind.

“Mind over matter” is definitely an overused phrase. But the principle of truths that lay behind it is vital to our pressing on in the future. It is really not a complex issue to understand, First we have to acknowledge that it doesn’t involve little ounces of telekinetic energy bestowed only to the fortunate to lift their burdens out of the way at the very moment of need. Truthfully, the miracles of the mind power translating to reality work for those who understand that it can only happen through endless dedication to sharpen the mind and elongating the threshold of mental failure. That’s right, everyone fails, and it is how long you hold on and perseveres till the magic moment happens. Champions understand this, so you train your mind and body to endure pain and drag for the longest time possible. Indestructibility is for story books and movies, real life hero’s understand that the only we can get stronger is train to fail slower. That way when everyone falls, at least you will be the only one still up, be it on your knees.

Now that I’ve got you thinking, what are you going to do now to overcome the demons which plague your being? What is the next big step or sacrifice that you have to make? I would say that would not be necessary. All it takes is little steps. Remember how some of you felt like joining a gym wasn’t for you? Or you wouldn’t imagine yourself being committed to being fit. Well look where most of you are now, you’re freaks. We probably have to take out more effort trying to keep you away from the gym than otherwise. All it takes is just enough strength to carry that ass of yours into Pushmore or whatever gym you train at, and trust me, you will progress. As long as there is intentional effort to move forward, you shall, even if you fall, make sure it’s towards the positive.

Do not underestimate you progress and forget your humble beginnings. Enjoy the pain and challenges where you are now because it will only be mole hills when you face the mountains in the future. Do continue to envy the fire breathers that seem to flood YouTube but do not be discourage, dare to dream, we will get there soon! Fitness after all is a lifelong journey, if it seems long , have a friend accompany you, enjoy the scenery, keep yourself occupied with something positive and you will be at your destinations in no time.

Btw I have started a blog to document my journey, feel free to check it out.. *CLICK* and John-Hans too. *CLICK*


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Ooo...thanks for sharing young Oei brothers.

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