Thursday, July 2, 2009


Three rounds for time of:
300 Rope Skips
30 Kettlebell Swings @ 24kg (M), 16kg (F)
30 Sit Ups

100 Day Pull Up Challenge: Do 93 Pull Ups
30 Day Deadlift Challenge: Do 28 Deadlifts

What constitutes good/acceptable behaviour at a CF gym? Take a read of the following post from CF West Santa Cruz:-

Mark has left the house...

Mark, then...

Mark was the first guy to officially do a workout at PushMore. His WOD? Mini "Cindy" for a total of seven rounds. As he would confirm, he spent 10 minutes working out and then the next 30 minutes lying on the ground. He's come a long way since then, being a regular at PushMore and improving in leaps and bounds. His current "Cindy" PR is 25 rounds plus. Thanks for being a part of PushMore and wishing you all the best in Sydney!

Mark, now(minus rock star hairdo)


Happy Birthday Cassie

To all of you who does not know. Cassie is one of our latest members ! She recently joined for a whole year without even trying out crossfit once. Nonetheless, she caught the pushmore flu and is coming consistently. To all who do not know her ! pls introduce your self and wish her a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! btw, she is my classmate and has helped me in my assignments countless times so I do owe her a lil. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! from me and the entire pushmore universe ! we look forward to seeing you reach your fitness goals !


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chak said...

seeya marky mark. thanks for returning the mags. good luck with the writing....