Saturday, January 9, 2010

WOD 010910

"CrossFit Total"

1 Rep Max of each of the following exercises:-

Your CrossFit Total is the sum of the best of three attempts at the squat, the press, and the deadlift.

How does the CrossFit total work?

The CrossFit Total is a strength test that involves the squat, press and deadlift, the three most effective lifts in existence for developing and testing functional strength.

The Total is performed like a strength meet, so there will be specific rules for it:-
1. Lifts will be performed in the following order - Squat, Press, Deadlift

2. Each lifter will have three attempts at each lift. The best single attempt for each of the three lifts are added together for the CrossFit Total.

3. There is no time limit for each lift or for the length of the session in which they are all performed, but they must all be performed during one session—i.e., you cannot leave the area to rest or perform other activities between the three lifts.

4. Multiple progressions to the best attempt are not allowed; do not work up to your best squat, then change an item of equipment or clothing and work up to it again to try to better your first effort.

Here are some basic precautions that need to be followed for safety:
1. Don’t be stupid.
Don’t total if you’re injured to the extent that a total will aggravate the problem. This will cost you in at least training time, and possibly time off of work if you’re ultra-stupid.

2. Don’t be greedy.
Learn to recognize the difference between greed and ambition, and be merely ambitious.

3. Don’t be pig-headed.
If your first attempt tells you that you need to lower your second, do so, without a misplaced sense of diminished self-worth. It’s a test, and it’s designed to measure what’s there, not create something that’s not. That’s what training is for.

Anyone in a position to attempt a legitimate CrossFit Total should be familiar enough with their capabilities on the lifts.

For those of you coming for the CrossFit Total, please read the following article from the CrossFit Journal by Mark Rippetoe:-

You will find specific information the criteria for each of the lifts and also how to build to a 1RM effort.

See you in the gym!

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