Tuesday, April 6, 2010

WOD 040610

10 mins AMRAP of:
Single KB Clean & Jerk @ 24/16kg

Rest 3 mins

Tabata Squats

*You can only rest/pause at the rack position(KB at upperarm) or lockout position(KB extended overhead). There is no limit to hand switches. See pics below for more info. Placing the KB on the ground or holding the KB in a dead hang position has a 5 burpee penalty with a 50 burpee cap. Accumulate total burpees and complete them after BOTH exercises are done.

*No time limit for burpees to be completed.

Rack Position (KB at Upperarm)                                                                  

P3255926 (40K)
Full Overhead Lockout  

P3125704 (45K)
Working out in a group is always fun! 
Share the gain, ease the pain!

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