Friday, August 21, 2009

WOD 082109

"4500kgs for time."

Bring a total of 4,500kgs (3,000kgs for women) from ground to overhead.
- You choose the weight and exercise. Kettlebells, dumbells, or barbell, your choice.
- Every rep must start from the ground and finish overhead.
- Example would be to do 188 reps of KB Clean & Jerk @ 24kg(188 X 24kg=4512kgs).
- Record total time, reps and exercise used.

*For those who are curious, a medium sized Asian elephant weighs in at about 4,500kgs. So, move that elephant for time!

Jumbo is waiting for you.

Here are some suggestions for you ladies and gentlemen:

Push Press

Push Jerks


Take note that there are other ways to do it as well, i.e. using dumbells and the barbells. You might even want to consider picking up that sandbag too !

on the other hand, Here is how NOT to do it:

Enjoy !

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