Monday, August 3, 2009

WOD 080309

Three rounds for time of:
15 Kettlbell Clean & Jerk 24kg/16kg L & R
21 Pull Ups


Happy Belated Birthday KaiBin and Luxanne !

We have personally known Kaibin for many years before. He is a great friend of our older brother and we welcome him as family. When growing up, I remember him always possessing a great deal of athleticism. He runs for high school, plays basketball and is passionate about football up till today. He's really quick with his feet and speed has always been on his side. This attribute has favoured him tremendously ever since he started crossfitting with us three months back. He quickly killed most of the workouts and has reach great PR time for most benchmark workouts. I am afraid to say that he has become a freaking beast in such a short period of time. This really shows that mutants do exist real life and not only in tv. For most of you who do not know, the extraordinary lady who comes with him dilligently is his girlfriend for which they have been together for dinosaur years. I am not too sure exactly how long but that is something for all of you to find out. So go ask them! If you do not know who they are, its a great icebreaker. After all, we are all family. Here is a picture of a younger Kaibin!

I have always known Luxanne as John-sons' high school friend since form 1. Her younger brother Boon is my junior of one year. Throughout high school, we have always known her to be one of the "popular girls" in school. She grabs as much attention as my stomach when it does the wave. Pushmore is very proud to have her in our family. Actually I am because Lu xanne is a model, not only a normal model, she is a prestigious 'J" model and a cover girl. I do not know exactly what J model is but who gives a damn. SHES A MODEL ! IN OUR MIDST ! Not only is she pretty but she's as strong as an ox at heart when it comes to workouts. She is what we call the silent achiever. She is very precise and determine when she comes into the gym. She does not waste time and she heads straight to the warmups then workouts. You hardly hear her complain and she never quits. She has my respect and has totally convinced me otherwise on what models are made of. Here are some nicer pictures of her without all the sweat and weird faces made during presses.

Sorry for being abit stalkerish. I am a natural at it. I have hone my ability to do that ever since I could use the internet searching for ladies. Anyways to both of you, I know you had a good birthday from the parties that I heard was held but none of us were invited too. Continue being who you are and continue kicking ass at the workouts. We are very proud to have both of you in our gym! Once again, from the entire Pushmore, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

John-Hans & John-Son


Challenge of the week : Max Reps Pull Up

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