Friday, August 7, 2009

WOD 080709

3 Rounds for time of:
30 SDHP @24kg
30 Wall Balls Shots @ 20lbs


And these are our weekly updates !

Pushmore T-Shirts are out.....

No it's not the same ones, these are news ones. Remember the PUSHMORE T-SHIRT PHRASE competition which was finally won by Anna's winning phrase. yeah, that one is out.

What more? it is in full pushmore colours with a thought provoking cool phrase ...

"You think your workout is tough?"
"Wait till you try my workout"

Well, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR FOOL !? come over to PUSHMORE and get one now for only 29.99 or to save the hassle, simply RM 30. Sizes are similar to the other pushmore Tshirts. Pics will be up soon.



How many of you dream of seeing a famous pop star?
How many of you dream of even walking side by side a famous pop star?

How many of you dream of even being in the same room of a famous pop star?

How many of you dream of even touching and talking to a famous pop star?

I have ....

and its been too long of just dreaming for me ...

BUT NOW I CAN DREAM NO MORE ! Why ? Because there is a famous pop star in our midst ! He's famously known as 陈势安 ( Pronounced Chen Shi An ) or Andrew Tan.

For those of you who do not know who is he, Andrew Tan Say Aun hails from Penang. He is the first runner up in the Astro Talent Quest 2006. He has amazing potential and definitely a jewel that was unearthed in the Astro Talent Quest. With such amazing talent, he was definitely not made for second place and emerged champion the same year in TVB8 International New Talent Singing Competition. Soon after, awards followed him and he won best chinese album in the AIM 2008. With such a glittery tail, there was high expectations for his second album. Indeed Stardom, which was just launch on the 5 of August lived up to the expectations. A mini album Vol.1 which has six tracks, it is definitely a value buy. Look for track number 2 which is personally my favourite and a must to listen to !

The great news is that you can now get your hands on it at the Pushmore Gym ! Come and grab your copy now in the bid to support him ! Please say no to piracy !

Get an original one for yourself and if you happen to see Andrew around in the gym, you might even be able to get a personalized autograph. I know because i got my signed by him and it says DEAR JOHNHANS !


Andrew has been working out in Pushmore since September last year. At first, he used to come in around 12 in the afternoon just before the gym closes at 1. My first impression towards him was that he was a shy guy. This was because he only talks to Jonathan and would work out quietly in the corner. However these have change over the past months. As you all know, he is one of the top noise makers in the gym now along side Anna. He has become closer to all of us and definitely a man of humility. He never turns down an offer to teach anybody any movement if he knows it. He explains it in his own way and has help out members of the gym tremendously. He is also the person that taught me the proper way of doing a free standing handstand. Thank you again Andrew once again !

So guys if you happen to see him around the gym, go up, chat with him and congratulate him. After all, it is not an easy task to come out with an album. Well done Andrew and the entire PUSHMORE GYM is very very proud of you ! Looking forward to more albums to come!

John-hans & John-Son Oei

P.s try to look out for the famous orange man at the back of his album ;)

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kongy said...

LOL... I can't stop laughing hard at the 2 advertisers above. I went for a free trial the other day and I met Andrew. But I didn't know who was that until I saw some advert in astro WLT... I guess ignorance is my best friend =p